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How can I support you with your Digital Learning Startup?

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Are you an entrepreneurial expat?

Do you have an Education Technology startup idea?

Want to teach or put your face-to-face training courses online?

Are you starting your own business because it is difficult to find work in your area without Catalan and Spanish?

Which of the following can you identify with?

“Ideally, we would like someone to collaborate with.” 

“We would like to feel that there is IT support there when we need it.” 

“We don´t know whether to use WordPress, Wix or Weebly.”

“We feel overwhelmed by all the technical termsdomain name, hosting, themes, plugins, widgets, SEO (search engine optimization), data analytics, data protection, Google for Business, Google AdWords, etc.,”

“We are nervous about eCommerce and choosing the correct payment method.”

“We are wondering how to link our website to social networks.”

“We are betwixt and between whether to use Skype, Zoom or Google Handouts.”

“We have technical backgrounds but we would like some input from a pedagogue or educator.”

“We need someone patient who can explain things in English.”

“We have a great startup idea, but se are non-techies.”

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