Portfolio of Artifacts –

Coming soon

  • This WordPress Website, designed and developed by me, Eamon
  • Integrated Moodle Learning Management System, with courses
  • My YouTube Channel with tutorials on Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Animate (initially) – to be followed shortly with tutorials on Data Analysis, Educational Data Analytics, Web Design using HTML, CSS & JavaScript, Introduction to Moodle, Video creation for YouTube, SEO for YouTube, Articulate 360, etc
  • Fast-tracking JavaScript – Tutorial for teachers and students of A Level IT
  • Project Based Online Learning Scenario – Collaborative Writing – WebQuest embedded into Moodle taking advantage of Web  2.0 Technologies  (Chat, wiki, YouTube, etc.)
  • Virtual Worlds Research Papers – Affordances and Guidelines
  • Using Articulate 360 & Storytelling to engage students in Excel
  • Articulate 360 – Disability Awareness Training – Prototype
  • Student Reporting System created with Excel for teachers
  • 5-minute Video – “The risks and benefits that come with using modern technology in the workplace”
  • Step-by-step guidelines on integrating or exploiting mobile and fixed technologies with cloud technologies.
  • Basic Gantt chart created with Excel for Project Management
  • Google Form to carry out Website testing