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How can I assist you create your ePlan or Digital Learning Plan?

Let me put the puzzle together!

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I can provide two alternative solutions.

Solution 1

Why reinvent the wheel!

Build on what we have!

Two wooden wheels
Wooden frame

If you are a primary or secondary school, we advise using the Irish Digital Learning Framework, which has been fully piloted and is currently in use in all schools in Ireland. EdtecPro provides training in this model, taking advantage of the guidelines, framework and digital plan template, which the Department of Education and Skills has made available. Then, we accompany and guide you in your Digital Learning Journey. [See our Training Courses]

The framework puts student learning, underpinned by constructivist principles, at the heart of embedding education technologies in teaching, learning and assessment. It guides school management and education providers in creating a shared vision for embedding education technologies. It deploys a self-evaluation approach, which provides educators with clarity in effectively using technology in their classes.

SMART Targets

What´s more!

It sticks to SMART targets – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound

It uses the following Six Step Process:

  • Identify focus
  • Gather evidence
  • Analyse and make judgements
  • Write and share report and improvement plan
  • Put improvement plan into action
  • Monitor actions and evaluate impact

Incorporate SELFIE – a school self-evaluation tool of technology in teaching and learning – European Commission – Education and Training

Solution 2

Alternatively, I can help you create your own Digital Learning Plan.

Blank Roadmap

I can help you set clear goals, with realistic targets. Then, develop and implement a customised digital learning plan. To do so, I carry out thorough analysis using information gathering tools such interviews, questionnaires, observations and documentation before putting together a plan for your organisation´s digital learning transformation. I make sure that system and requirement specifications are integrated into the plan. I believe that detailed analysis, systematic planning and consistent communication are crucial for success.

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”.