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How can a background in instructional design and education technologies help?

With digital learning technologies, teachers and trainers become guides on the side, whereby they can take advantage of technologies to offer a much wider range of engaging learning opportunities, which facilitate creativity and critical thinking. Learners become active at all stages of learning cycle. They are central to the learning process. They become researchers, knowledge-builders, decision-makers and creators. This paradigm shift frequently requires educators to analyse and explore learning opportunities for their learning context which recognizes the learner as active and central. It can result in educators designing, developing and implementing learning scenarios [instructional design] which encompass learning technologies. For many educators, this paradigm shift necessitates new curriculum design skills and greater familiarity with education technologies. With the right support, these can be really exciting times for educators.

EdtecPro can provide that support. I have years of practical experience and theoretical knowledge using instructional design methodologies to design and develop content and learning experiences using a broad range of digital learning applications, devices and platforms.

The sky´s the limit with Education Technologies

Guide on the side
Webinars & video conferencing
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Online Collaboration
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Online Learning

Connecting from anywhere

E-learning Courses

eLearning Courses

Online Certificates and Badges

Certificates and Qualifications 

ePortfolios, Personal Learning Environments and MOOCs
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I have the theoretical and technical knowledge, and the practical experience. And, I am still learning all the time. Let EdtecPro be your guide on the side.

Why not call me about any of the following:

Learning and Instructional Design Methodologies to support Blended and Online Learning

Social Constructivist Methodologies

Bloom´s Taxonomy in digitally enhanced learning and teaching,

ADDIE Instructional Design Model to build effective learning solutions,

Gilly Salmon’s 5 Stage Model of online learning,

Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction for blended learning.

Education Technology Tools

Productivity Applications

Authoring software such as Audacity, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Creative Cloud (Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, etc),

eLearning Authoring Software such as Articulate 360

eLearning Authoring Tools within Moodle

Mobile learning – affordances

Interactive Technologies (Call and Response) in the Blended Classroom

Tricks of the Trade


Accelerated Learning

Using and embedding video

Branched eLearning Scenarios (with Moodle)

WebQuests – enquiry-oriented, web-based learning activity

Video-related Teaching and Learning

We all know the potential of video and audio for delivering engaging teaching and learning and recognise that some of their applications have still to be fully realised. Educators want to use video but are often faced with several challenges and have many questions they need answered.

Hence, I provide consultancy and training on:

  • producing training videos and podcasts,
  • screen-casting,
  • streaming,
  • embedding audio and video into your teaching or learning platforms,
  • video sharing platforms and settings,
  • webinars, and
  • video and audio-conferencing using Skype, Google Hangouts and Zoom
  • embedding Hotspots, quizzes and questions
  • video analytics