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About the founder

Edward Kelly, (alias Eamon – Irish for Edward), is founder of EdTecPro. Eamon´s passion for education and learning has led him to study and work in different fields of education in Ireland, Germany and Spain. He worked as a language (English & German), Geography, and Maths teacher for many years before studying an MSc to be an education technologist, in Trinity College Dublin. He then went on to work for a Digital Learning Startup (NDRC) as an Education Technology Researcher and Instructional Designer. In Spain, his training in Technology and Learning has enabled him to manage an IT Education department, and teach up to and including A Level Information Technology and International Baccalaureate Computer Science. He has worked at every stage of the the Digital Learning Life Cycle. Most recently, aside from building this website, with an integrated Moodle and YouTube channel, he has been studying Education Data AnalyticsHe is driven by change and loves pioneering new teaching and learning practices and digital technologies. He speaks English, Spanish and German. He understands Catalan. 

With EdtecPro, Eamon uses his experience and deep understanding of Teaching and Learning, Education Technologies and Digital Life-cycle Management to facilitate digital learning transformation for decision makers, educators and learners. He is strong believer in using technology to enhance life and make life easier for everyone, especially for educationalists. He is an advocate of getting the foundations right, which involve in-depth analysis, research and investigation, following by proper planning.




His theoretical and technical knowledge is grounded in extensive practical experience.

Getting Digital Learning Transformation right!

“When it comes to getting Digital Learning Transformation right, I am a really strong advocate of detailed analysis, short and longterm planning and transparent communication. Moreover, I believe that it is critical to harness the confidence and goodwill of teachers and trainers. When we get this wrong, we run the risk of losing the support of crucial people. When we get it right, we are enabling educators to be a pivotal part of these very interesting times. When it comes to education, the focus must be on the learner and on creating engaging learning whether that is with or without technology”. (Eamon Kelly)

Expertise and Interests

Road Ahead with EdtecPro

The following are Eamon’s key areas of interest and expertise:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Technology-enhanced Learning
  • Systems Life Cycles – ADDIE
  • Applying models such as ADDIE, SAMR, TP, Gilly Salmon´s Five Stage Model, Kotter´s, Agile, etc in mainstream education management
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Mobile Learning
  • Web and eLearning Authoring
  • Instructional Design
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in Education and eLearning
  • Cooperative and Collaborative Learning
  • Project-based and enquiry-based Learning
  • Multimedia
  • Computational Thinking and Coding
  • New Technologies
  • Smart Cities
  • Digital Startups
  • Educational Data Analytics
  • Project Management
  • Languages
  • Wellbeing and Personal Development