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Education Technology Transformation

How can I help you on your Education Technology Transformation Journey?

EdtecPro´s Mission

My mission is to support educators and businesses in their aim to enhance education and
enrich learning with technology. I want to enable you to continue

to focus on your students and employees, while I help you:

  • get the foundations right,
  • make the most appropriate IT-related decisions,
  • put a plan or framework together for your education technology transformation journey,
  • support you along the way with training, and
  • keep you up to date with innovate teaching tools and methodologies.

What services does EdtecPro provide?

ePlanning – Digital Learning Planning

Interested in a 5 year framework or keen to develop your own ePlan.

Consulting in education and digital technologies

Choosing between Mac or Windows, Office 365 or G Suite, iPad or Android, Interactive Whiteboard or Interactive TV, HP or Asus, Moodle or Schoology, …

Digital Learning Design and Content Development support

Blended learning design, eLearning design, Inquiry-based learning, Webquests, Instructional design, designing for LMS, using eLearning software, taking advantages of free content, and more.

Face-to-face and online Training

Digital literacy skills, fast-track learning, using Office 365 or G Suite, Instructional Design, Webquest Design & Development, Articulate 365, Skype, Zoom, …

Collaboration and Support for Freelancers and Education Technology Startups

Working as a freelancer or on a great idea but missing some of the skills. WordPress or Wix? Not sure if you need an app?

Are you out of your comfort zone or need somebody with a different skillset?

Time for Change

Do you need help or guidance

  • analysing your education technology needs,
  • putting together an ePlan or a Digital Learning Plan or Framework,
  • choosing the most appropriate education technologies for your budget,
  • engaging, involving and training staff,
  • finding the right IT technicians or managers to lead you into the future without the headaches, or
  • designing and creating content for the internet?

Who are my customers?

Decision-makers | Educationalists | Entrepreneurs | Managers | Teachers | Remote workers

Schools |Universities | Educational Technology Companies | Businesses with e-learning centresStartups.